5 Reasons You Should Wash Your Bag

September 15, 2020

North South Zip Around Cross Body Bag - Washable

Purses, handbags, crossbody bags, totes, backpacks, and more galore—if you’re the type of bag guru who loves to accessorize with some dedicated arm candy then you know the struggle of keeping your favorite go-to bag clean daily. No matter the purpose for your purse; whether you’re using it to haul snacks for your kid’s soccer team, taking it to lunch, or simply running errands, your favorite bag is bound to get messy!

When tragedy strikes and spills, dust, or dirt occurs—don’t worry. MultiSac has already thought ahead with its machine washable bag collection. Especially in a world where germs could lead straight to quarantine, our best washable purses will keep the germs you come into contact with at bay.

Here’s why going ‘machine washable’ is the new trend for 2020, along with some tricks on how to wash a bag.

1.) Germ-alert

When we’re talking about germs on your purse, we’re not just talking about your ol’ run of the mill sort of bacteria that’s unavoidable… no, we’re talking about germs much more serious than that. According to Michelle Jones, M.D., infectious disease physician at Piedmont Healthcare, “bacteria that cause common infections—such as staphylococcus, micrococcus, bacillus and enterococcus—can colonize on handbags.” We’re just as surprised as you are, also apparently your bag straps are the worst in terms of collecting these bacteria.

Piedmont Healthcare reports that “these bacteria can lead to staph infections, septic shock, meningitis, ear infections, urinary tract infections, and more.” It can be shocking to learn that what you sling over your shoulder or carry around your body is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause you so many problems, but luckily there are ways to eliminate your bags exposure to all of this bad bacteria.

ABC News reported on purse bacteria in an article titled, “Your Purse Could Be Making You Sick,” and discovered with Microbiologist Chuck Gerba that “every single [bag] had at least some bacteria, most had tens of thousands and a few were saturated with millions. One even had 6.7 million bacteria,” by conducting a lab test on the outside bottom of 10 women’s handbags. Shockingly, it was revealed that “one even had 6.7 million bacteria. Half of the bags tested positive for coliform bacteria, which indicated the possible presence of human or animal waste.” OMG is right. 

2.) Wash your hands

This concept should come second-nature to everyone, especially after the global pandemic, which some states are still living in if you can believe it. Piedmont Healthcare continues to say, “Dr. Jones suggests cleaning your hands periodically throughout the day. If you’re running errands, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after every few stores you visit, for example.” 

Given that we’ve already established your bag’s straps contain the most bacteria, people not washing their hands might have been your best guess as to why.

3.) Always avoid the floor

North South Zip Around Crossbody Bag - washable

While washing your hands is a useful line of defense, also consider keeping your bag off the ground or floor. Hang your bag up high or on a chair for the least amount of exposure to germs. Again, it’s not ‘groundbreaking’ to know that the ground is a bad place to avoid bacteria, but a good rule of thumb is if you don’t want to sit there—then why should your bag?

4.) Rinse and repeat

According to Women’s Health, Donna Duberg, assistant professor of clinical laboratory science at Saint Louis University recommends to, “make cleaning your purse—and everything you carry in it—a weekly practice… this will get the bacteria down to a safer level.”

So to really give those germs a run for their money, think ahead by purchasing from MultiSac’s best washable purses.

How can I tell which bags are washable?

MultiSac makes it easy for you to determine which bags on their website are the best washable purses. Simply look for the ‘washable icon’ on the item’s product page/image. This icon will tell you whether your bag can take on the washing machine or not. 

Note: Not all colors and prints are washable, so make sure the bag you’re washing has the washable icon on the main Image for that SKU.

(If it can’t, it’s ok, we’ll tell you the best way to get your favorite MultiSac bag clean anyways).

You versus the machine

To preserve your beloved bag as best as possible, remember these key instructions on how to wash a bag properly in the washing machine.

Step 1

Remove all detachable parts, zippers, straps, etc. before washing your bag.

Step 2

Wash in cool water with a mild to neutral detergent.

Step 3

Place your purse in a mesh bag (separately) and run the delicate cycle.

Step 4

Avoid the dryer at all costs, simply reshape your bag by hand and then leave it out to dry.


With all that done, congratulations, you’ve mastered how to wash a bag! You’re now primed and ready to purchase from MultiSac’s very own best washable purses.

What if there’s no washable icon?

Not every bag will be machine washable but don’t use that as an excuse not to clean it regularly! Women’s Health’s expert Duberg has more helpful tips for keeping your favorite non-washable leather bags squeaky clean, “for leather purses, look for disinfecting wipes that don’t contain bleach or alcohol and wipe down the exterior and interior.” Really zero-in on the bag’s straps or other places of the purse that you touch often, “this will get the bacteria down to a safer level.”

5.) Why does this matter in 2020?

The U.S. Sun reports in an article titled, “Bags of Trouble: Coronavirus can survive in your handbag for several days — keep it clean with these easy tips,” that the World Health Organization has warned that “Covid-19 may persist on surfaces for anything up to several days, with leather being the perfect place for it to thrive.”

 We’ve since learned that our favorite handbags have a shocking amount of bacteria, most likely similar to that of a toilet seat. That’s why it’s important to follow this guide to limit your exposure to harmful bacteria. Just because you can’t see it—doesn’t mean it’s not there.

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