Mini Crossbody Bags You Didn’t Know You Needed

July 22, 2020

Terabyte Crossbody Bag - Small

Who doesn’t love a cute crossbody to easily sling over your shoulder? Cute and lightweight, a mini crossbody bag is the best choice to grab before you head out the door to your latest yoga retreat, rooftop happy hour with friends, or a dinner date at a steakhouse.

There are tons of perks to being a strictly small crossbody purse advocate, for instance, no more ‘junky’ inside pockets. By choosing a small or mini bag you’ll be forced to only carry your everyday essentials with you. Let’s face it, you don’t need to bring twenty hair ties, 3 pairs of sunglasses, old makeup, and a handful of random cough drops with you everywhere you go.

Less strain, more to gain

According to CBS in an article titled, “Large handbags are causing undue strain, experts warn,” Dr. Andrew Rokito, an associate professor at the department of orthopedic surgery and chief of shoulder and elbow surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York, is all too familiar with the amount of weight purse-enthusiasts place in their bags. Rokito explains, “if you’re balancing it or suspending it in the crook of your elbow, all of the weight is fixed at one point, placing quite a bit downward traction on your shoulder. It has to be countered by the forces and muscles of not only your upper arm but the muscles of your shoulder as well.”

If you’re feeling a little sore in your shoulder, your handbag might be the root cause of it. While wearing a small crossbody purse rids the wearer of potentially over-packing, the crossbody eliminates this ‘shoulder balancing’ issue Rokito talks about.

Why going ‘mini’ pays off BIG-time

By opting for a mini crossbody bag you’ll be effectively reducing the strain you place on your body (and mental health). The days of panicking while searching to find your wallet to pay your parking meter, or a pocket mirror to check your teeth after lunch are over.

Now introducing the best small crossbody bags MultiSac has to offer. 

1. Hayes Crossbody Bag

This fashion-forward vegan leather mini crossbody bag is perfect for the everyday minimalist. This professional and sleek design comes in a variety of colors ranging from cheery yellow to modern black with white stitching. A good size with ample pockets, your purse organization will be on-point. Also if you happen to spill your coffee or tea while on the way to work, don’t fret—this bag is machine washable too.

2. Tulsa Crossbody Bag

Looking for something more modest and a little more covert? Then this smooth to the touch PVC material crossbody is perfect for you. Available in different styles, this crossbody stands out from the rest with two easy-access front slash pockets. Easily secure your concert tickets, wallet, or validated parking ticket in these slots without ever having to unzip.

Only the essentials

Choosing a mini crossbody bag over a larger tote isn’t just making a fashion statement, it means you’re making a statement about your health. To prevent future problems and back pain, NBC reports the advice of Natalie Lovitz, Clinical Director of Professional Physical Therapy in New York City; “The closer it lies to your body the better. Smaller sizes are typically better — the larger the bag, the more likely you are to fill it.”

3. Darien Mini Crossbody Bag

This adorable vegan leather crossbody will be your best travel-buddy to date. Your choice in either Dijon Hazelnut or Hazelnut. Start planning your next mini staycation to the beach, mountains, or your own backyard. Durable and fashion-forward, this bag will brave any spill-storm or bacteria-breech with a quick spin in the washing machine.

4. Mini Dynamic Crossbody Bag

Speaking of vacation, what about bringing along this zesty crossbody in Wildflower/Hazelnut along for the ride? Springy, cute, and perfect for the young spring-breaker or college student, this unique washable bag comes in a variety of 20+ patterns and colors.

5. North South Mini Zip Around Crossbody Bag

What we love most about this particular crossbody are all of its pockets! Your modern-day stylish tool belt at your service. Win the ‘Most Prepared’ friend award the next time you find yourself at a music festival. Carry wristbands, tickets, headbands, lip gloss, credit cards, and more in this gorgeous washable bag available in 17 patterns and colors. This bag also features an ID window, where you’ll never misplace your ID again. 

6. Zippy Triple Compartment Crossbody Bag

This bag was built for straight-A students and overachievers with over 8

Zippy Triple Compartment Crossbody Bag - Hazelnut

separate pockets/compartments, credit card slots, and an ID window—you’ll be the most organized bag-babe in the area. In nearly 40 patterns and colors, you can choose the bag that most speaks to you—being the independent and unique woman you are. 

7. Mini Sleek Crossbody Bag

For our classic girl-next-door types, this down to earth mini crossbody bag will match your style in various brown tones—think Chocolate, Cognac, Vintage Nappa, and Heirloom. Or you can appease your sunny summer side with the White Floral designs.

8. Micro Everest Crossbody Bag

Think unstoppable time-traveler from the year 3000 visiting 2020 with this submarine small crossbody purse in tow. Machine washable and highly functional with interior organizational storage, 2 exterior zipper pockets, and a snap enclosure pocket, people on the street will stop to ask where you got your bag.

9. Terabyte Crossbody Bag

Finally, we’ve reached the adorable Terabyte Crossbody. Cute and compact, this crossbody is the epitome of fun-sized. Unzip the main compartment to find credit card slots, open pockets, and a center zipper compartment. The model bag for movers and shakers who love the practicality and playing things by ear.

Bigger doesn’t mean better

By now, hopefully, you’ve changed your mind about bigger meaning better. If you’re still on-board with carrying a large handbag bursting at the seams then maybe a rolling suitcase might serve your needs (and your back) better. Now’s the time to make the switch from filled to fun-sized with MultiSac’s small crossbody purses.

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