Top 10 Women Crossbody Bags

August 19, 2020

Flare Crossbody Bag

Are you a bag aficionado? Being they are the perfect complement to any outfit and tote your daily necessities around town, a closet wouldn’t be complete without a purse. Most American women seem to agree because according to Business Wire, the online thrift store thredUP conducted a survey in 2014 with the help of a global research company, ORC International, and found that American women own roughly 11 handbags on average. But here’s the real kicker, only 35 percent of women use all of their handbags. Meaning a lot of them just sit on their shelves, unnoticed, unworn, and unappreciated.

One might wonder, why? The short answer is they could be no longer in style, or only suitable for certain special occasions… either way, no bag should be sitting and gathering dust.

Instead of adding to the problem of your already bursting boudoir with trendy bags, perhaps it’s time to invest in a functional bag that will not only stand the test of time but always remain in style. We’re talking about, you guessed it, women crossbody bags.

Here’s why you should make the switch from a handful to hands-free by choosing the best crossbody bag for you.

Practical is IN

You could have the cutest clutch purse in the PTA but when it comes time to running errands, loading up your car, or shopping, you’ll have to set that purse down and that’s when the trouble begins. It happens to all of us, forgetting a bag at the store, losing it somewhere, or maybe your bag grew two legs and walked off for all we know. However, the fact remains… you had to set your purse down and that’s the exact moment where things took a turn. 

1. Flare Crossbody Bag

With the Flare Crossbody Bag, you never have to worry about setting your bag down to do anything. This women crossbody bag features a front and back zipper pocket, a hidden pocket, cell phone pocket, 6 credit card slots for easy access, and 2 front open pockets.

You’ll grow to marvel at the bag’s sheer genius design and wonder why didn’t you jump on the women crossbody bandwagon long before now? Available in 17 different patterns and machine washable (double yay!). No more setting purses or bags down to be stolen, left behind, or sullied. The crossbody bag will literally never leave your side. 

Flare Crossbody Bag

2. Hudson Crossbody

Liven up your style with a little mix of boho and urban cowboy. This larger crossbody bag includes 2 zip pockets and 2 slip pockets, along with a slip pocket for your smartphone. Just when you thought, “well, that’s a lot of pockets,” there are 3 more inside.

One and done

The beauty behind the best crossbody bag is that they’ll always be timeless. They’re the girl-next-door of purses and never disappoint. 

3. Hayes Crossbody Bag

This is the best crossbody bag for any occasion from playful to professional. It features a slot zipper pocket and zipper pockets on the front and back, including an interior slot pocket and back wall zipper pocket. Also machine washable, this women crossbody bag is available in 5 classic colors. The ideal choice for an uptown girl with places to be.

4. Irvine Crossbody

This flirty vegan leather women crossbody stands out from the others with a pleated gusset down the side with an external front zip pocket. A lovely gift for a recent graduate. 

5. Jamie Convertible Backpack Sling

This backpack sling is the kind of bag you can trust will carry all of your important contents safely to your next destination; from your wallet to your fruity gum-wrapper nestled at the bottom, long forgotten by now—tragic. If you ever start to feel like your sling is weighing you down, its shoulder strap unzipped converts into two backpack straps, giving you two bags in one.

6. Lorraine Crossbody Bag

Stick to the classics with the Lorraine Crossbody Bag. You can dress up or dress down this stylish crossbody, especially if you choose a neutral color to match everything. Black is always a safe bet, but if you’re looking for something fun to spice up your look this crossbody comes in a variety of awe-inducing patterns.

Lorraine Crossbody Bag

Say goodbye to germs

In light of 2020, we are currently living in a germ-obsessed world which makes the point of being hands-free even more crucial. When you’re balancing holding onto your handbag while trying to open the car door, handle a shopping cart, shuffle through paperwork, or (you get the idea)… you’re transferring a lot of germs around between your items and your purse!

7. Mini Sleek Crossbody Bag

Streamline your daily activities with this small but stylish mini crossbody. Contains 6 credit card slots for fast transactions, 3 zipper pockets in the front, and 2 inside compartments.

8. Micro Everest Crossbody Bag

When you decide to opt for this crossbody bag your hands will be virtually free and with that, you can complete your tasks quicker, easier, and cleanlier by just reaching into the 2 exterior zipper pockets for some hand sanitizer or a sanitary wipe. Don’t forget the credit card slots readily available for you to whip out your card with no wallet-fumbling hassle. 

9. North South Mini Zip Around Crossbody Bag

For our wanderlust travelers, consider this jet-setter women crossbody bag featuring a transparent ID window along with several card slots. Never worry about losing your ID (or digging to find it in your handbag’s empty abyss) while going through TSA. 

10. Vista Crossbody Bag

All of MultiSac’s crossbody bags feature a multitude of pockets that will surely come in handy to store your everyday sanitizing items. But none so far are quite like this youthful Vista Crossbody Bag with its unique and refreshing shape. Yet still a classic with colors ranging from black to brown to an eye-catching floral.

What are you waiting for?

With over 10 adorable crossbody bags to choose from, reorganize the way you ‘step out’ by making the first step in purchasing any of MultiSac’s women crossbody bags. Who knew timeless and functional would be the latest 2020 trend?

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