Floral Handbags You Need This Summer

July 08, 2020

North South Zip Around Crossbody Bag

A good collection of women’s handbags is essential to any well-stocked wardrobe; a variety of stylish, beautiful bags for every season can elevate a look instantly with ease, besides the practicality for everyday life. The best option is to buy a few bags that work with multiple outfits and know you always have something to work with!

Fashion is circular, and trends rotate in and out of style constantly - making it hard for the average person to keep up with what’s hot this week. If you’re wanting to build a women’s handbag collection that stays fashionable year after year, look no further than pretty flowers.

A Very Floral Summer

Florals are classic summer prints that remain constant every fashion week, championed by established designers and fashionable youths alike. This year it was vintage looking florals that excited the fashion crowd, whereas last year the prints were darker and made to wear in the winter, and the year before that - well, you get the idea. Floral prints will always be in style, so it’s one of the easiest options when buying a handbag you want to last. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite women’s handbags for all occasions and tastes this summer, all with lovely floral details.

Flare Mini Crossbody Bag

A classic crossbody bag is a perfect design for traveling, be it on a sunny holiday or exploring on a day out. This beautiful design fits all of your essentials (and a lot else besides!), and comes with handy pockets for phones and credit cards, meaning you can keep everything safe and handy in one place.

The timeless white bag is intricately detailed with colorful botanicals, making it a pretty day bag that pairs well with a lot of different looks! 

Summerville East West Crossbody Bag

We love the versatility of this bag; the adjustable strap means it can easily switch from a shoulder to a crossbody bag without losing any glamour or functionality.

The pretty design is complimented by beautiful detailing, making an overall sophisticated impression perfect for going from a day to night look. Consider pairing with similar leather accessories to really make the effect pop, such as light gray ankle boots or a belt, against a dark background like a navy dress!

Kate Backpack Convertible Crossbody

Another adjustable design means you can choose between a backpack and a crossbody bag. This is perfect for when you’re experiencing discomfort after a long day, or want to switch up the effect of the bag on your outfit. It’s a bit bigger than some of the others, allowing you to place and carry electronics in the handy compartment, making it suitable as a carry-on turned vacation bag! 

The design is a little more muted than the previous examples, meaning it’s the perfect option for someone wanting an understated but still-beautiful handbag. 

Lorraine Crossbody Bag

This beautiful darker pattern makes the bag suitable for all seasons, perfect for both a summer evening event and a day out in the colder months. The larger size again fits electronics or anything else besides that you may want to bring along without compromising on the elegant overall look.  

Micro Everest Crossbody Bag

We love the brightness that this handbag brings to any outfit, and how comfortable and stylish it looks despite the large storage space! It’s perfect for creating a bit more interest in an otherwise plain, monochromatic look - and also for mixing up patterns if you choose. If you’re looking for a comfortable, durable, everyday go-to bag then look no further!

Ready For Some a MultiSac Bag?

Regardless of the style or design you pick, MultiSac bags offer the essentials to any women’s handbag collection; style, elegance, functionality, and durability. Whether you take it traveling, to the beach, or use it day to day, the lovely designs and thoughtful details in all of our bags are there to beautify and enhance everyday life.

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