Travel With the Ultimate Convertible Backpacks

September 03, 2020

Kate Backpack - Travel

Ever felt like sometimes a purse or crossbody bag just isn’t big enough? Years of adaptation due to the lack of pockets in women’s fashion have gifted women the coordination and ability to juggle credit cards, car keys, chapstick, phones, and more… all in one hand. The idea behind the innovative purse design is that we no longer have to risk our wrists and the onslaught of carpal tunnel syndrome anymore! But again, sometimes that purse (although super cute) is just not enough to carry all that you need in 2020. That’s why we’re making the switch from purse to backpack—and back again.

That’s right, 2020 is the year of the convertible purse to backpack.

Versatile and very convenient 

The concept of reintroducing a backpack into your day-to-day might give you flashbacks of middle school, recess, or math pop quizzes (yikes). But just like you, the ‘backpack’ is complex, all grown up, and ready for the next adventure.

Below are a few places you can take your convertible backpack

1. Reach the beach

If you’re close to the coast, the beach is the best way to beat the heat! Make purchasing an all-day beach pass worth it by packing your favorite on-shore essentials in the floral Jamie Convertible Backpack Sling. This charming polyester crossbody to backpack features easy access to a variety of pockets including 2 open pockets, a compartment specially made to secure your electronics (safe from the sand), and a zipper pocket for small items like chapstick, car keys, hand sanitizer, hair ties, and sunglasses.

Best of all this convertible crossbody backpack makes the ‘switch’ via its shoulder strap zipper—just unzip and voila! The sling strap becomes two separate backpack straps. If you decide to enjoy a cool drink after a busy beach day, then transition to a crossbody bag and keep up with the crowd.

2. The ball is in your court

This backpack is also great for other outdoor adventures—the sweat-inducing and endorphin kind. Pack up some tennis balls and grip tape and hit the courts, or your favorite water bottle and trail mix and take a hike! The backpack also comes in a variety of dashing colors and fresh patterns. You’ll turn heads with your bag and backswing!

3. Planes, trains, and automobiles

Maybe your next adventure takes place upstate, across the country, or overseas. In that case, you need the perfect travel backpack that’s equipped to carry your passport, wallet, sudoku books, or latest Phillippa Gregory novel—where you can pretend you’re high-society …as the kid behind you kicks your seat. 

While you might be jolted to reality with those last few kangaroo-kicks (what are they feeding this kid?!)… when you look to your classy Kate Backpack those feelings of looking forward to a ‘brisk walk’ or ‘gossiping in the court’ return in an instant as you reach into its 2 luxurious inside soft slip pockets or adjust your straps from backpack to crossbody (just because you can).

The vinyl Kate Backpack features a roomy main compartment perfect to pack

Convertible Backpack - Running Errands

your laptop, iPad, and charging banks for your devices. Including ‘pockets-galore,’ we’re talking a back wall smartphone pocket, hidden flap pocket, front zip pocket, and additional side slip pockets. Available in a variety of posh colors and trimmings, this backpack is sure to class up the cabin—no matter if you’re in economy or first-class. 

4. Running errands looks good on you

For when you’re always on the go, the Casey Backpack has ample space to carry all the necessities you need from day-to-day. Including your 2020 go-to’s… pack your hand sanitizer in the front zipper pocket and your sanitary wipes in the front slash pocket. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room for your laptop, notebooks, and other ‘adulting’ items.

Allow your hands to pay attention to the task at hand while keeping your bag secure around your back.

Choosing the best backpack for you

Before your journey can even begin, it’s important to select a backpack of quality. U.S. News reported that roughly 51,000 people were revealed to have backpack-related injuries according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

You might be wondering what kind of injuries arise from wearing the wrong backpack?

According to Karen Jacobs, nationally renown backpack safety expert and clinical professor at Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, “research suggests that incorrect wear, the weight, the amount of time, the distance walked, inadequate distribution of weight, and poor placement of items in the backpack can be contributing risk factors for discomfort, fatigue, muscle soreness, musculoskeletal pain (especially in the lower back), respiratory problems, and other issues,” Jacobs explains in a Boston University Today article.

The wrong backpack can cause a lot of grief, so that’s why it’s important to choose carefully and find a backpack that fits correctly. Fortunately, all of MultiSac’s purse to backpacks feature adjustable straps so you can adjust your backpack for that perfect fit. The American Occupational Therapy Association recommends to “adjust the height of the backpack so that it extends from approximately 2 inches below the shoulder blades to waist level, or slightly above the waist.”

It’s also important to redistribute the weight of the backpack evenly by placing the heaviest items closest to your back. Ideally, your backpack should weigh “no more than 10% of [your] body weight.” MultiSac’s numerous pockets allow for this even distribution of weight inside.

Keep these helpful tips in mind when you’re donning your new convertible crossbody backpack!

Why 2 in 1 is always better

Who doesn’t love options? Especially when you’re away from home. With this new line of convertible backpacks, you’ll be prepared for any activity that day (and look good doing it).

Traveling, errand running, and commuting will no longer be a hassle and a juggling act. Instead, you’ll look forward to juggling your busy schedule and dominating the day without having to worry about which items to leave at home.

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